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Annie Rachko

Dec 1, 2018 9:35:51 AM / by RippedPHL

I have always been an active person, running has been a part of my life since I joined the track team in fourth grade. It has been a familiar outlet for me when I am stressed and want to clear my head. Being a competitive person, it is also something I have used to continue to challenge and race against myself. I have lived in Philadelphia for the past 5 years and work demanding hours for a public accounting firm. Throughout the first few years of my time living and working in the city, I struggled to find a workout that kept me interested and challenged me enough to make a priority over my busy work schedule.

I was first introduced to Ripped through class pass. After using it for only Ripped classes, I became a Ripped member in January and wish I made the commitment sooner! Ever since joining the Ripped family I feel that I have finally found a place where I am willing to prioritize a workout for myself. I love that every class is an opportunity to push yourself by increasing your speed on the tread or weights on the floor. The workouts are also constantly changing to ensure they are continuously challenging and difficult. When you mix that with the amazing instructors who encourage you to push yourself to your very best every workout – it quickly becomes a place you look forward to everyday (even at 6 am!)! I have seen a true change in myself over the past 6 months – I am much stronger and faster, I have toned my body in ways I have always wished I could and my stress levels have significantly decreased. Ripped has become a daily outlet for me to take time to focus on myself, the results, and nothing else. No matter what I have in store for the rest of my day, I can count on my mornings at Ripped to start the day the best way possible. I look forward to the next months (years!) at Ripped PHL and am grateful I found the workout and instructors I had been searching for!

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