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Ashley Soper

Dec 1, 2018 9:28:31 AM / by RippedPHL

I grew up as an active dancer and gymnast, continued dancing throughout college, became an Eagles Cheerleader (Go Birds!) and then moved up to NYC to pursue my dream. When I made the decision to move back to the Philly area and start a new career, I knew I would have to find a replacement for that every day activity I was leaving behind. Since I was always dancing, working out at a gym was never a strong focus of mine. The thought of going to a gym and getting on a machine was torture to me. So I joined ClassPass to get a better idea of the different classes available and I attended a lot of great classes, but finding something that I could call home where I can challenge and push myself to the next level and had the variety I needed was lacking…until I found Ripped.

I admit when I first saw Ripped it frightened me to even think about signing up for a class. I have never been a runner and when I say that I mean I would NEVER get on a treadmill and run, EVER. But when I got engaged I knew I had to step up my workouts and fully commit to get into the shape I wanted to be in for that big day. My first Ripped class was the most challenging and rewarding class I had in a very long time! Even though I was terrified of not being able to complete a single minute on the treadmill, (number 9 to be specific) the staff was overwhelmingly friendly, motivating, helpful and made me feel comfortable with what I could achieve.

I joined Ripped on their 3-month pre-wedding plan and never looked back. The motivation and encouragement within each and every class has kept me engaged and excited about my workouts. I got more comfortable running, started to understand my pace, and how to push a little further each class. The weights I was lifting were steadily increasing and my endurance was better than it has been in years. In addition to that, I saw the results! I was completely slimmed down and toned up for my wedding and felt confident walking down that aisle.

Having the confidence and body I wanted for my wedding was a great perk to joining the Ripped family, but finding a new passion and motivation to stay active was my ultimate goal. The design of Ripped’s classes fills that gap for me that I have been missing in my workouts. I can “perform” in a group setting, have the instruction and motivation to be better, and do this all with others who are also challenging themselves. Thanks to all the amazing people at Ripped I will be coming back for more, still on my trusty tread 9!

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