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Greg Jaspan

Jul 21, 2019 7:28:19 AM / by RippedPHL

I have been looking for something like Ripped for a long time. I have been working out since 9th grade and now I am in my late 40’s, I have always been frustrated by the traditional routine of doing Cardio training separate from the weight training as they are not two different disciplines they are part of the same goal of total body fitness. I attempted have created my routines by incorporating jump rope into weight session or incorporating plyometric workouts into my cardio I have also tried various class-based workouts such as Cross Fit, and boxing none has given me the workout and results as Ripped. 

I started Ripped 18 months ago and its immediate impact and continued results keep me going back. When I started I was in decent shape but I was bored going to the gym and Cross fit did not help me achieve my running goals. I started Ripped a very strong 188 pounds (14% body fat) and I have trimmed my weight to 172 (9% Body Fat)  while increasing my speed and endurance and not losing any strength. To me, life is all about the energy that you bring to it working out has been the start of my day for as long as I can remember and good workout helps me put positive energy in my body each morning. 

That first morning at Ripped was EXACTLY what I was hoping for the instructor was Mean and Encouraging (they know how when to compliment and push you), there was great music, the atmosphere was full of energy and it was slightly competitive. 

Now I am a competitive person by nature I mostly compete with myself constantly challenging myself to go faster, do another rep, hold a little longer. I do not feel satisfied if I just follow along with the program and that is where instructors are so key as they got to me they encourage the competitive spirit to help me get over those times when  my legs and lungs were burning and even I did not think I could hang on for one more minute or another rep. 

The workouts are something I look forward to each morning and I can honestly say I still get the small butterflies in my stomach that used to get before a big game before each class knowing that I going to go all out for the next 45 or 60 mins.

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