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Gym Bag Essentials

Mar 8, 2020 5:50:10 PM / by RippedPHL

We all carry around a gym bag, but do we have everything we need in our bag?  Some must-have items every lady should carry around to get their sweat on, and be ready to kick ass the rest of the day!

1.  Wireless Headphones

Ever been at the gym and have your phone slip from your pocket and disconnect from your earbuds? Yes! It happens to all of us and is one of the biggest vibe killers at the gym. Excuse me, but I need to feel like a badass while squatting, thank you. The best solution is to get wireless headphones, which provides you the opportunity to put your phone down while still listening to music and completing your workouts. Pro-tip: Get wireless headphones that come with a wired option, just in case you forget to charge them.

2.  Booty Bands and Ankle Straps

We all want a tight and bouncy booty and including bands in your leg day workouts is a fun and effective way of pushing yourself. If you already have a leg/ booty routine, incorporating bands can help switch things a bit and provide an added resistance that will make your routine feel brand new.  I mean we all know Butt and Abs day at Ripped is the absolute BEST day! If you find yourself away from Ripped, have a spare moment at your desk, time at home, etc, just pull out a band and add in some killer booty exercises with something so basic. Ladies, we cannot have fallbacks on our booty workouts. Like damn, let me have the Kim K booty of my dreams!

3.  Lifting Gloves

I don’t know about you but we prefer not to have calluses on my hands. Lift heavy while keeping hands smooth as a newborn baby. This is why all ladies should all have a pair of lifting gloves in our bags. They provide comfort and protection while making you look like a badass. 

4.  Tampons, pads, liners

This is a lady form of a first-aid kit, for emergencies, just in case!  You may not need one, but you never know if another lady friend may be in dire need of saving.

5.  Refillable Water Bottle

Hydration is everything! Plus, aren’t you tired of constantly buying plastic water bottles? Buy yourself a reusable water bottle, be kind to the Earth while being kind to your body.

6.  Extra socks and Underwear

Well, need we say more about why these are key to always have as a just in case in your gym bag?

7.  Flushable Wipes

Rushing out of the gym?  Leaving sweaty and wet can leave you susceptible to some things you don’t want to know about (think all sorts of fungus and bacteria).  Use gym wipes to freshen up areas the sun doesn’t hit before you leave the gym.  

8.  Hair Ties/brush

Unless you’re lucky enough to workout at a gym that provides hair ties, we all have forgotten them at some point.  Nothing more of a buzz killer than wiping stray hair from your face while trying to get in a killer workout.  

9.  Spray deodorant

A quick freshen up after your workout, or a must-have after a shower.  Not only will you keep you feeling and smelling great, but will not transfer any smells to any other apparel. 

10.  Phone Charger

Of course, we need an extra phone charger in our gym bag. Why? Workouts didn’t happen without gym selfies, right?  Plus, Spotify playlists, tracking workouts, etc consume a lot of battery life.   Running out of battery life in the middle of a great set is frustrating!  

What did you think of our 10 must-have items in your gym bag? What is a must-have for you that wasn’t on the list? Share your thoughts with us, we love to hear it.

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