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Heather Pence

Aug 4, 2019 10:01:17 AM / by RippedPHL

STRONG is the word I would use to describe myself.  Thinking I was in shape and ready to take on something new, I tried my first class at Ripped last September.  Well, I made it through, but knew I had only just begun. Almost a year later, I feel stronger as an athlete and person.  The weights are heavier, the reps are increasing, and the speed is faster.  As I have everyday stressors, the gym is my relief. Through the gym, I find strength within myself.  Even though waking up and getting there is not always easy, I am there.  It prepares me for the day as it gets my body and more importantly my mind ready and strong.  When I have had a hard day at work and have to deal with a difficult student, my workout is my time I reset myself and get ready to see it as a new day and a new way to help that student. As I get ready to hit the beach with my family or friends, my workout is my time to push myself and get ready for a fun day. Even though, I am a quiet and reserved person, I feel strong.  My workout makes me a better teacher, friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and just a better person. I have always held onto the quote, “Be the best you,” and with this strength I have found, I can be the best me!

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