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Sara Blank

Jul 7, 2019 8:19:41 AM / by RippedPHL

My fitness journey started when I was 22, working my first desk job after college, and hadn’t stepped foot in a gym since high school. I absolutely love food but knew nothing about nutrition, and as I stayed in denial about my weight climbing, I was horrified when I returned from a family vacation to find that I no longer fit into any of my clothes. The next morning I opened a gym membership, started working with a personal trainer, and began educating myself about nutrition. 
I became very close with my trainers and found success and a passion for fitness over the next year—but when I moved to Philadelphia, I was completely lost without those trainers. I tried a bunch of different classes, but without the personalized aspect, I started losing my gym motivation again. One day I signed up for RippedPHL, reluctantly willing to try yet another class that I figured would feel impersonal and overly-confusing.

I cursed myself as a climbed the approximately 300 stairs to the top floor of the building, unsure how I had gotten myself into this situation. But then I fell in love...
I love Ripped for how the program kicks my ass, pushes me to become the best physical version of myself, and doesn’t let my body become complacent; but I keep coming back to Ripped because of the amazing staff. Every single person on the Ripped team goes out of their way to get to know their clients. Whether it’s remembering a person’s injury, noticing that they’ve upped their weights, or asking about their most recent vacation, the Ripped team truly makes their members feel like family. Being part of Ripped keeps me balanced because the trainers are real people, who also enjoy their lives and recognize that Crunchwrap Supremes are as important as crunches.
I’m so happy to be part of the RippedFam and continue growing on my fitness journey with RippedPHL!

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