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Jess Demczar

Dec 1, 2018 10:05:44 AM / by RippedPHL posted in RippedFam Results, workout, fitness, lean muscle, workout at home, get strong, philadelphia, get in shape, on demand workout, fat loss, weight loss, best workout philadelphia


Most of you know me because I’m a trainer at RippedPHL. The photo of me on the left was taken last year in May 2017 during my senior year of college. I had just finished my soccer career at Ithaca as a center midfielder and in retrospect, I would say that I was “fit” – a VERY relative word that means something different to everyone. I could run forever and I could even do 10 pull ups in a row. During soccer season, I lifted twice a week with my team on top of two hour daily practices and once the fall season was over, I worked out 4-5 times a week (lifting and running). My lifestyle as a 21 year old college athlete was probably exactly how you can imagine: school, soccer, parties, pizza, alcohol, so. much. fun.

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