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Keri Ackerman

Dec 1, 2018 10:11:30 AM / by RippedPHL posted in RippedFam Results, fitness studio, fitness, build muscle, lean muscle, lose weight, on demand workout, weight loss, best workout philadelphia


I started running when I was 17. 10 minutes. And then it was 3 to 4 miles. This led to free weights and bar work. I started to love working out. Fast forward to 34 years old. I’ve done everything from 5K’s, a half-marathon, kick-boxing, Pilates, spin, road biking hundreds of miles with my husband, and until recently, a CrossFit gym for 2 years. Over the years I’ve learned more about myself and what really challenges me. I learned that I love pushing myself to the extremes and with Ripped I can do just that. 2 years ago, I was doing CrossFit based workouts and at first, I loved doing something different and new. I mastered skills such as handstand push-ups, rope climbs and strict pull-ups. Over time however, I began feeling stagnant with the WODS (workout of the day) and I often left class thinking “is that it?! I need more!” I wanted to feel like I gave my all. I wanted to be breathless and sweaty. I soon realized what I need to feel fulfilled from a workout. Ripped gives me just that. The perfect combination of running mixed with HIIT exercises. I was hooked. I love leaving class breathless and dripping in sweat.

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