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Xenia Morgan

Dec 1, 2018 9:37:42 AM / by RippedPHL posted in RippedFam Results, muscle, fitness studio, fitness, lean muscle, workout at home, philadelphia, on demand workout, weight loss, best workout philadelphia


My journey to RippedPHL started through Class Pass. I have always been an active person. Whether it is gymnastics, ice skating, soccer or track in my child hood or running and going to the gym. For the past few years, I have trained and ran marathons and half marathons and have been a member of every ‘popular’ barre/yoga/dance studio in Philadelphia. I found that despite how committed I was to my barre class schedule/routine, I would get bored few months into it and would no longer feel challenged. I have tried home work outs through Beach Body, but I would struggle motivating myself to exercise alone at home.

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Ashley Soper

Dec 1, 2018 9:28:31 AM / by RippedPHL posted in RippedFam Results, muscle, wedding workout, results, on demand workout, fat loss, weight loss, best workout philadelphia


I grew up as an active dancer and gymnast, continued dancing throughout college, became an Eagles Cheerleader (Go Birds!) and then moved up to NYC to pursue my dream. When I made the decision to move back to the Philly area and start a new career, I knew I would have to find a replacement for that every day activity I was leaving behind. Since I was always dancing, working out at a gym was never a strong focus of mine. The thought of going to a gym and getting on a machine was torture to me. So I joined ClassPass to get a better idea of the different classes available and I attended a lot of great classes, but finding something that I could call home where I can challenge and push myself to the next level and had the variety I needed was lacking…until I found Ripped.

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Jessica Santos

Jun 5, 2018 11:11:25 AM / by rippedphl posted in RippedFam Results, workout, muscle, fitness studio, philadelphia, best workout, mental health


So this is a shout out to those who have lost someone, something, or even yourself. I joined Ripped back in December, after losing my mother to pancreatic cancer in April of last year. I have been an avid yogi for a few years now, which has helped in coping with her loss, but wasn’t enough. When losing someone, something or yourself, there is an emptiness that needs filling. I tried going to the gym to save money, but I’m not motivated enough to go and do the workout alone. I needed to know that someone was waiting for me, and I couldn’t let them down. I tend to be a shy person, so working out in groups has helped me come out of my shell. At times working out in groups has made me push a little harder. Seeing other people in the room stepping out of their comfort zone made me give a little more of myself. I appreciate when the trainers give me that extra little push or even when they remember my name. It really makes me feel like I’m part of this workout family. Some of the things that I continue to struggle with are cardio and eating habits. My biggest struggles for me are running and my nutrition. I’ve never been a runner, unfortunately my dog is the only runner in the family. Grabbing carrots first does not feel natural after being raised in a Spanish household. The struggle is so real. I currently work as a nightshift ICU nurse, and I find myself eating high sugar food or anything to keep me awake or those treats that families bring in for the staff. So fitness and healthy eating habits are something I continue to work on. Since starting Ripped, I am finding more motivation when something doesn’t come easy to me. So by continuing to workout and attempting to eat my veggies, I feel and look better. In closing, what gets me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning or makes me go workout in the middle of the day is a quote I saw ” Go and make that workout your B!tch!”

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