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Tina Nuthulaganti

Jan 8, 2020 4:25:42 PM / by RippedPHL

What made you come to Ripped? After my Golden Retriever dog of 13 years passed away, I became super depressed and stopped working out. I never thought I would feel that way, it threw me by surprise. I gained 30lbs for the first time in my life. After coming out of my depressive state, I realized that I needed a high intensity workout routine to get back to my normal self. 

What made you join? I tried various HIIT classes around Philly and truly LOVE the warm family culture at Ripped.

Morgan was the first trainer at Ripped whom I met initially. He mentioned "If I keep coming back I will start to see results."  So I listened and kept going to his classes. He was right, within the first two weeks: I started sleeping a lot better, had more energy during the day, and my mood changed for the positive. Within the first two months I lost 12lbs so I decided to join. I LOVE taking his classes!
This place has the best music and treads to run on in Philly! I feel like I'm working out in the "VIP Section of a Night Club!!"

What have you accomplished at Ripped with nutrition and classes?I met Hallie, full time trainer and nutrition coach, she talked to me about the importance of proper caloric intake. I wanted to take more classes but not get injured or have my metabolism plateau. Hallie spent some time getting to know me and developed a great customized nutrition program.  Once I started following her plan, I noticed right away I had even more energy to physically perform. As a result I was able to take 12 straight days of Ripped classes during the holiday time frame! 
While I was taking these classes, I noticed I gained greater: physical strength, slept even better, and ate all the yummy foods I wanted to during the holiday time, while continuing to lose weight at a healthy rate. I love working with Hallie and so grateful she has taken me to the next level! 
I'm so happy Ripped was open on Christmas and New Years Day and I was able to take classes!

Have you done something you didn't think possible? I NEVER thought I would set an alarm to wake up early on a Saturday morning to take Katie's class :) and now I LOVE it! Before I slept in every Saturday... Malik's classes are awesome, he uses "bands" and I'm amazed how much BURN I feel after! I didn't think using "bands" can help sculpt my butt and legs.

How has Ripped become part of your routine? I'm addicted to Ripped!  For example, I went on a business trip to Boston and I made sure to take a class before my departure and also another class as soon as I came back into town! I'm so happy about it cause I feel GREAT!! This place has classes almost every hour of the day, so many options to choose from. 

Additional thoughts: Ripped in my opinion has the BEST SMOOTHIES in Philly and the most FUN contests!

As I'm going through my journey into getting back into a healthier lifestyle, I'm very grateful for the Ripped family and will be sticking with them long term for years to come!! :) 

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