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Xenia Morgan

Dec 1, 2018 9:37:42 AM / by RippedPHL

My journey to RippedPHL started through Class Pass. I have always been an active person. Whether it is gymnastics, ice skating, soccer or track in my child hood or running and going to the gym. For the past few years, I have trained and ran marathons and half marathons and have been a member of every ‘popular’ barre/yoga/dance studio in Philadelphia. I found that despite how committed I was to my barre class schedule/routine, I would get bored few months into it and would no longer feel challenged. I have tried home work outs through Beach Body, but I would struggle motivating myself to exercise alone at home.

I was intrigued by ClassPass as I was excited to try out different work outs in the city and spice up my exercise routine. Once I tried RippedPHL on Class Pass I found myself spending all of my credits at RippedPHL. I decided to fully join Ripped in the Spring 2018. Initially I was scared that I would get bored like I have in the past with my other classes. However I found that I feel challenged by each class at Ripped. I never get bored in class and feel that classes fly by so fast. The instructors at RippedPHL are motivating and help to push through a challenging work out even when you may feel like you have not much left to give.
Ripped has also helped me during a challenging time in my life when I was going through extreme anxiety. Everyday I take care of chronically ill children and at times can take work home with me. Ripped after work has helped me to release negative energy and thus has helped me with managing my anxiety. I even try to do 2 a day work outs at times on super stressful days, so that I can get ready for work before 8 am and then come back after work to work off the stress. I am a person who would never wake up to work out at 6 am, but I will wake up to go to RippedPHL because I truly enjoy the work outs.
Did I loose any weight with Ripped? Do I have more muscle mass? I am not a person who takes my measurements or stands on the scale. I have no clue if I have gained or lost any weight. However I can tell that my clothes are fitting better and my arms look more toned than they have ever looked before. I am stronger as I am lifting heavier weights, able to do more push ups and sit ups and I am able to push myself run faster on the treadmill (which I have hated in the past).
I am not currently following any certain nutritional plan. I love food and consider myself a foodie. My husband and I love to travel and eat delicious food, and we travel every chance we get. Ripped work outs have helped me to stay in shape despite not limiting what I eat or drink.
I think I have found the work out that I have always looked for: challenging, productive, fun (the music alone makes you want to dance during work out), and not intimidating. Thank you RippedPHL family!

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